Santa Barbara, California 20 September, 2015

I think I’ve turned the corner on the crud scene.  It was a slow jump-start this morning but I began feeling cautiously ‘normal’ by early afternoon.


We drove 90 miles north up the coast to Santa Barbara to one of our favourite venues, the S.B. Bowl.  A beautiful setting that holds 4,600 people.  It was hot and sunny when we arrived just past 4.  I used the word ‘cautiously’ normal because I was ready to lay down again when we got there.  The backstage facilities are great at the Bowl, lots of large, clean dressing rooms with couches… no trouble finding a quiet one and catching a nap.


It was a 7 o’clock show tonight and about 10 minutes before we went on stage our tour manager Pete McKay came into the dressing room where we’d all gathered to say Eric Burdon and his wife were backstage and wanted to say hello.  It’s very rare that anyone is allowed backstage let alone that close to show time, but it was like welcoming royalty when they came in the dressing room.  Pretty cool to meet Eric Burdon.  It was a quick hello then we were on.


The warm night air and great crowd made for a wonderful evening and a fun show to play.  It’s great having Nigel back in the band again and everything is smooth, loose and relaxed.  A great gig and we’re already looking forward to returning to the Santa Barbara Bowl.


After the final song we piled back into the cars and headed back to LA for our final night in town.  Tomorrow we check out, fly to San Diego (VERY short flight) for show then on to Denver tomorrow night.


Many thanks to all who have sent notes about my well being, much appreciated.


So long,




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