San Diego, California 21 September, 2015

We pulled up stakes this morning after six days basing from Los Angeles.  It was my home for nearly 2 decades but that was a long time ago, I left in 1985.  A lot of water’s run under the bridge as they say and it’s now a city of ghosts for the most part.  Too many years, too many people gone, everything changes as it should.  I always look forward to coming back but after a few days I’m ready to move along.  This stay was particularly weird in that apart from getting to and from the shows and one night out for an early dinner, I never left my room, too knackered from whatever got hold of me.  Good news is, as of this morning I feel like a new man, and the new man wants a drink.  I’m back.


It was a short hop from the Van Nuys airport down to San Diego.  Tonight’s gig is a tropical resort called Humphrey’s By The Bay, right on the water next to a marina chock-a-block with yachts and sail boats.  A small stage set up right at the water’s edge with a seating capacity of 1,450.  We arrived four hours ahead of the show and had one of the hotel rooms for all of us.  I quickly staked out the patio over looking the tropical swimming pool, opened my book and that was my afternoon.


Tonight’s show was at 7:30 and the audience was not particularly enthusiastic, in fact one of the coolest crowds we’ve ever faced.  That’s not their fault, it’s our job to give them something to be excited about. By the end of Romeo they were with us all the way.  It was a great show, relaxed and on it’s toes all at the same time, terrific playing all around.  We ended to a roaring standing ovation.


A runner for a 2 hour Mexican food fuelled flight to Denver.  I’m feeling nearly 100% and back to my usual gin and tonic.  It was a long day and we lost an hour travelling east, by the time I finally got to my hotel room, that bed was welcomed sight.


Day off tomorrow.


So long,




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