Hollywood, California 19 September, 2015

The Dolby Theatre tonight.  It’s was built on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland specifically as a television-theatre for the Acadamy Award presentation every year.  Lots of gigs and other shows play there as well and was originally named the Kodak Theatre.


I won’t bore you with how nothing looks the same to me in Los Angeles anymore even though I lived and worked in LA and Hollywood for 17 years.  It’s a town of memories now and the occasional ghost of a building that still resembles what it used to be.  I’m not sure what used to be on the space that is now the Dolby… Grauman’s Chinese?  Pickwick Books?  Can’t remember.  


It was a sold out house of 3,400 fans and I thought is was a great audience given that “industry” cities can be a little blase.  A rocking crowd tonight who were definitely NOT too cool for school.


It was another shaky day on the wellness front.  I can’t believe that apart from an early dinner a couple of nights ago and the gigs, I have not left this room.  However as the day went on I began feeling better and felt nearly normal when we took the stage for what was a great show.  Not until we got into the cars to go back to the hotel did I feel a bit knackered.  I’m taking that as a very good sign this goddamn bug has had it’s day.  I’m bored.  I want my gin and tonic!  Maybe tomorrow.


So long,




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