Trondheim, Norway 12 June, 2015

Thursday the 11th was a day off in Oslo and a late start.  I dragged myself up to the dreaded rooftop dungeon the hotel claims is a gym.  If you disliked exercise before you’ll really hate it now.  


It was nearly 3 in the afternoon before I finally got out into the warm Oslo sunshine.  Walked, shopped and stopped at an Italian restaurant with outdoor seating for a pizza and a couple of beers.  The difference between great pizza and just so-so is large, but even OK pizza is… well, OK.  It’s pretty hard to fuck up a pizza but this place managed at every level beginning with the crust and succeeding all the way up through to toppings.  Didn’t matter, the sun was shining, I was starving and the local draft beer, Ringner, was light, fresh and filled the bill.  I settled up and took myself down to the harbour.  The sun was warm and there was a fresh breeze blowing off the water.  I found a bench and sat there for an hour watching the boats come and go and a massive Holland America cruise ship lumber it’s way through.  The thing was long as two city blocks and I don’t know how many levels high.  I have absolutely no desire to be on one of those things.


Later in the evening we went to a remarkable little restaurant for dinner away from the bustle of the city called hos Thea located in a nearby  residential neighbourhood. From the minute we walked in and were seated by our waitress until we left it was a wonderful evening and the food that was nothing short of spectacular.  I had a starter of pan fried scallops with creamy almond gazpacho was followed by Chilean seabass with fried sticky rice and a lime curry sauce.  The evening had begun with a bottle of cold, dry Champagne and continued with a white Bordeaux, a delicious red Ripasso and ended with a sweet Sauternes that accompanied dessert.  If you check out Guy’s entry, he’ll have a proper review with photos but also check hos Thea’s website for full menu and more information:  If you find yourself in Oslo, don’t mess around, just make a reservation go to hos Thea for a superb dinner.


Friday the 12th, wheels up at 2:30 due north to Trondheim for another outdoor show.  It was cool/cold and drizzling when we arrived and remained that way through soundcheck and the show.  We all layered up with whatever we had and hit the stage for a 2 hour plus show for over 10,000 great folks.  They were dressed for the weather, which is more than I can say for us.  Still, numb fingers and all,  we played a good one and had a great time.  The house was with us all the way and that helped push us through.  A great gig in Trondheim.


A runner back to the plane for a flight to Copenhagen where we’ll base for the next few days.  Martinis and shepherd’s pie for dinner en route.


Hoping and looking forward to a good gym in the hotel here in Copenhagen.


So long,