Uppsala, Sweden 13 June, 2015

We flew north from Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden and drove 20 minutes further north to Uppsala, home of the university, for our gig tonight.  Another outdoor show in the botanical gardens belonging to that university, Botaniska Tradgarden.  It was a milder day than yesterday in Trondheim but still breezy and chilly.


As the crew arrived late today due to routing we didn’t have a soundcheck.  Catering was local, again due to distance and not our usual Eat Your Hearts Out crew.  I took myself off to practice thinking it was a 9 o’clock show and realising it was 8:30 only when Kerry found me and said “10 minutes”.  I raced for those 10 to get  ready, get changed, re-pack my carry on and get my in-ear monitors in before hitting the stage feeling more than a little rattled.  


It was completely packed with people tonight.  The capacity was listed as 8,000 but I heard after the show there were more than 10,000 admissions.  The threatening clouds that arrived with the late afternoon cooperated, there was no rain and that large gathering of people were grand to us.


Back to Copenhagen after the show.  Our hostess, Laetitia had drinks ready, pasta and spinach for dinner and a fab cheese plate for dessert making it another delightful flight.


A long day today… I woke at 7 this morning and never got back to sleep.  Finally back at the hotel from Uppsala at 2, the bed looked awfully good.


So long,