Oslo, Norway 10 June, 2015

The high point of everyone’s day, apart from the couple of hours we’re playing the show, is arriving at the gig, dumping our bags in the dressing room and steaming straight in to catering for a cup of tea, bowl of soup and generally making pests of ourselves asking what’s on for dinner.  Star chefs, Chris Desmond, David Eskinazi and Steve Bond are the guys who keep this army fed like kings.  It all adds up to some very tough decision making.  Here was tonight’s dinner menu:

Vegetable Pea Soup

Tiger Prawn Thai Fish Cakes with sweet chilli and peanut dressing and Thai vegetable salad

Fresh Corn Beef Hash topped with a poached egg and hollandaise

Roast Turkey Breast with jalapeno corn bread, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet corn and greens

Swiss Plum Cake

Fresh Fruit Platter

Cheese Board


Fresh Breads Basket


The second in a string of outdoor shows, tonight’s Norwegian Wood Festival was a great gig a couple of years ago and was so again.  Happily the weather was warmer than the night before and since we could actually feel our fingers it was a well played and fun show for 9,000.  


As we’re staying in Oslo, we skipped the usual runner and hung back in the comfortable dressing rooms, devoured a few platters of sushi and savoured the two magnums of Belgium brewed Duvel beer that was a gift from our friends Henk and Nadia in Antwerp.  Long after the crowd had left the venue we finally made our way back to the hotel.  Thursday the 11th is a day off in Oslo.


So long,