Bergen, Norway 9 June 2015

We're basing from Oslo for a few days.  I made my way up to the small, airless, rooftop gym here in the hotel, it had to be 80 f. in there.  As far as perspiration goes, you get a lot of bang for you exercise buck.  You could simply stand there for an hour and loose 10 lbs. in water.  As it is, there isn’t enough equipment in the place to warrant staying that long.  


We set off to the airport mid-afternoon and quickly hit gridlock traffic apparently due to an accident and ended up leaving the motorway for a local back route to the airport and a late departure to Bergen.


It was an outdoor show tonight at the Bergenhus Festning.  Before the show we had a visit from Jackson Browne and his band who are in Bergen to play the same festival in a couple of nights.  I happily made the acquaintance of multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz who I’ve been a fan of for many years and the great bass player Bob Glaub.


We took the stage at 9 o’clock in broad daylight.  It was cold with a breeze coming in off the water and continued to be for the 2+ hours of the show.  By the end we all no feeling left in our hands, very difficult playing.  Still, it was well fought on our part and well received by the nearly 7,000 standing fans.


We piled in to heated vehicles and onto the Legacy for the short hop back to Oslo.  Arrived back at the hotel around 1:30 and very happy to hit the hay.


So long,