San Diego, California

Began today with an hour and a half of sheer punishment in the gym. It never gets easier. A shower and then off to Peet's for a massive attack of caffeine. Well fortified, I walked a couple of blocks to my friend Dennis' place here in Santa Monica. He cooked us up a lunch of swordfish steaks on the BBQ, smoked with applewood, a ginger coleslaw and homegrown tomatoes with avocado and sweet onion. It was a meal fit for a king, followed by a short walk back to the hotel for a little practice then on to the airport and the G4 bound for San Diego.

We played Copley Symphony Hall, a beautiful theatre with a sold out capacity of 2,255. Before the show a couple of friends from Phoenix stopped backstage for a visit having come to San Diego to see the show. John Dixon, the dean of Arizona music history, an organizer of the Arizona Music Hall of Fame, renowned record collector/dealer and all round good chap. He arrived with Jack Miller in tow. Jack is the legendary recording engineer from Phoenix who recorded most of the Duane Eddy hits in the 1950's and 60's. He is still very active in the recording business and I was honored to have worked with him a couple of years ago on an album with my friend Al Casey. Phoenix was more of a recording centre than one would think in those years, and Jack was the man behind most of the record dates done in that city. The show was good, as was the audience. I wish we had a little more time in the city as San Diego was always one of my fave towns.

It was a no nonsense dash to the plane right from the stage as we had to have the wheels up no later than 11:15 or we would not be allowed to take off. No dallying around or after gig pee before hopping in the cars and dashing away. We made wheels up and Laurie had sushi as well as Chinese food ready to go. We also had a spectacular bundt cake courtesy of friends of Laurie Ann Fletcher. Pineapple-coconut-macademia nut slices of mouthwatering moist heaven. The whole lot washed down with a couple of refreshing G&T's and before we knew it we'd arrived at LAX, all before midnight.

So long,