Berkeley, California

Walked the length of Main Street in Santa Monica this morning, stopping at Peet's for coffee. Beside being delicious, Peet's beans are reported to have the most caffeine of any coffee. One cup has more of the stuff than a six pack of Coke. Naturally I had the largest latte they serve, with an extra shot. A real jolt to get the day started. Got back to the hotel around 2 and practiced until it was time to shower and leave for the airport. A beautifully clear and hot day on the beach.

We flew into the Oakland airport and drove to Berkeley and tonight's venue, another Greek Theatre. The capacity is listed as 6,770 but to my eyes it looked like much more and not an empty seat in the whole place. A seriously rocking gig and audience, everything came together including the sound, for one of the best shows of the tour and we ended with a heavenly version of Shangri-La.

Prior to the show, my cousin Neal who lives in the Bay area came backstage for a quick visit, too quick. While we stay in touch via e-mail, we haven't seen each other in close to 15 years. Time's been good to him and it was great to catch up.

Some stunningly great sushi on the plane back to LA and we arrived sated and tired. A relatively early night, in bed at 1:30.

So long,