Saratoga, California

We had two glorious and much needed days off on the beach in Santa Monica. I continued may daily ritual of a large latte with an extra shot of espresso at Peet's, walked the beach, spent a day with my brother and his wife, Jon and Leslie, went to a used vinyl shop and picked up some albums by Tony Mottola and Chet Atkins, and had fab Indian dinner. Monday night was the big end of tour party courtesy of MK. Cast, crew and friends came together to eat, drink and talk about what they'll be doing one week from now.

Today we decamped our beach front hotel after 6 days and flew into San Jose then were driven about a half hour to the town of Saratoga. Beautiful homes, shops and gardens in the hill country. As we climbed higher in the hills we began to see the vineyards of grapes leading to The Mountain Winery. A very small gig of 1,740 on a very small stage with very small lighting and a decibel limit of 91. As usual, all rose to the occasion and it was a fab gig, so intimate. The night was crisp and the audience was warm and enthusiastic, I could literally reach out and touch the front row, as the stage was no more than a step up.

We'd originally planned to drive to San Francisco after the gig, an hour and a half journey, but took the plane instead. A journey of 9 minutes!! Putting us in the hotel just past 11. Though we've had a couple of days off, everybody is tired as we approach the end of tour. Early to bed.

So long,