Sydney, Australia

It's a day off in Sydney, how often does that happen? Our hotel is on the harbour and I can nearly touch the Opera House from my balcony. Chad, Guy and I took a walk this afternoon, setting off without direction and ended up in the downtown district, sort of a Manhattan down under. We made our way back to the harbour and decided it was sushi for dinner tonight. Primed and ready we landed at Yukis just a short walk from the hotel where we devoured eel, octopus, tempura, salmon, tuna, chicken terriaki and saki with the Sydney Opera House as a backdrop. On our way back Guy spotted an emporium specializing in draft German beers and kindly bought us a round.

As I write this my balcony door is open with the smell of the harbour and the glow of the Opera House in the room. Part of the reason I continue to tour after all these years is to make certain the world is still out there and put myself in it. It's a good night to be in Sydney.

So long,