Sydney, Australia

So let me get this straight. Our first show tonight in Sydney was booked as an overflow for the second show which is sold out but nobody really knew about the second gig (which is really our first) so the overflow didn't exactly flow over. Right.

We played a wonderful gig tonight at the Enmore, an art deco theatre with a capacity of 2,200 that was little more than two thirds full. All I can say is a load of people missed the boat on this one. The chance to see MK in an intimate situation is so rare and I have to think this over flow show simply wasn't advertised, it should have been packed to the rafters. Never mind, it was a great gig, Mark playing brilliantly and is feeling good again, the band reveling in a small setting and the 1,300+ who were there were enthusiastic and ready for the show. They were rewarded with that and more, the bragging rights to say they saw Mark Knopfler in an intimate setting.

Tomorrow we play that second gig (which was really the first) at Sydney Entertainment and back to the big concert stage.

So long,