Melbourne, Australia

Let's get it out of the way right now, I adore Melbourne, met my wife here and it's home to two of our closest friends. A big city that always feels warm and welcoming, a smart city with great emphasis on important things, parks, beautiful architecture, cultural events, the arts, education and a lifestyle second to none. I spent a wonderful evening last night with that couple in a grand little bistro catching up on things. It's difficult when good friends live half way round the world but a real friendship is as comfortable as an old couch that you fall back into. And so it was.

Tonight's gig was that way as well with a full house of great people at the Rod Laver Arena. Mark's turned the corner with his throat problems after seeing an ears, nose and throat specialist here in Melbourne. I'll spare you the details of the procedure but let's just say it's not dinner conversation. He's back on form and it was a relaxed and smiling show tonight. Glenn scoured the city this afternoon turning up a swell string bass, admirably suited to skiffle, that he'll use for the rest of our gigs down under. Not much more to say, a cool rocking gig in a city with class. I raise a glass to Melbourne.

So long,