Perth, Australia

With a couple of days off in Perth the band boosted Western Australia's gross national economy with purchases ranging from gallons of sun block, aqua peg pants, R.M Williams boots and boomerangs that will end up on their neighbor's roofs. Several of Perth's fine dining establishments reciprocated by boosting the band's gross national waistline. Several band, crew and management types could be found in various forms of exercise from milling to jogging around the Swan River that runs through the town. A favorite hangout on the water was Halo, the great restaurant I wrote about earlier located next to The Lucky Shag, a tavern also frequented by those with delusions of a name becoming an event.

Perth, the beacon of cleanliness also proved to be the Mecca of manners. We played to a 6,000+ audience of wonderful folks who made sure that every last note had been wrung from each song before showing their appreciation and not before. It makes for a slightly different show as the vibe is so attentive, the band really focuses deeply into each song, almost like playing in the studio. The 'drag of the day' award goes to Glenn Worf's string bass which was heavily damaged between India and Australia and was discovered by the crew when they removed it from the case. Some very expensive toothpicks could have been harvested from it's top, but cool heads prevailed before catering got wind of things and Glenn's big instrument will more than likely be spending the tour break in some luthier's surgery in London instead of out cavorting with a bunch of young cellos. The 'moment of cool' also goes to Glenn who rose to the occasion by playing the Fender Precision on those songs he usually performs with string bass. Seamless as always, he looked unflappably dap in those aqua pegs and has succeeded in matching the stool he sits on.

Tomorrow, a fly/day off to Melbourne with a show the following night.

So long,