Perth, Australia

Continuing our culture bending march across the hemispheres, say hello to Perth. As noted in the last entry, we went directly from the stage to the airport for a midnight flight from Bangalore to Singapore and another installment of time zone whiplash. The Singapore airport's a high tech shopping mall that screams 'buy me' from it's rafters to the kiosks and even an old reformed shopper like myself sensed my credit card vibrating. You've not really lived until you find yourself in an airport lounge blinking at the gray dawn, but a cooperative Qantas espresso machine and some raisin toast gave me reason to carry on another day.

Fully caffeinated we boarded a Qantas jumbo what-not with fab seats that really aim to please. Not just your run of the mill up and back seats, these things bent, pushed, pulled, prodded, supported your lumbar, abandoned your lumbar, stretched, constricted, massaged and fully reclined until you'd achieved position nirvana, by which time you've got to get up and use the bathroom. It's a brave new world affording all some much needed sleep before being deposited in Perth.

Perth, a beacon of cleanliness in Western Australia. You can eat off the streets here if you're prone to that kind of thing but no need as it's a city of fine dining as we experienced last night. A stunning little restaurant on the river specializing in seafood and a dandy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that Chad said tasted like somebody's garden. This was meant to be a compliment. Musician's are generally brought up in a nervous state of anxiety about where the next meal's coming from so it's no wonder we never miss an opportunity to eat.

No show tonight and another day off tomorrow.

So long,