Zagreb, Croatia 5 May 2013

This will be the third time I've written today's post providing I can up load it.  The hotel's internet is shite and continues to drop the signal have swallowed up two previous attempts.  The first one very detailed, the second a Reader's Digest version and finally this no attention span version.

Got my in-ears sorted.  In short they were blown and I used a spare pair last night from the 2005 tour. A completely different ear moulding of hard plastic that doesn't seal as well and lets some of the outside sound in but 100 percent better than the blown set.  From the band's point of view it was the best show of the tour so far, no technical problems, great playing, fresh set.  Prairie Wedding made a return to the set last night after many years, Mike taking on the acoustic guitar part that I played on the record and previous tours and me playing pedal steel.  It's not uncommon for us to play one thing on the record then something completely different on stage.

Not quite a full house but the audience response more than made up for the few empty seats.  Thanks for a great gig Zagreb.

A runner to the Legacy and back to Prague for a day off.

Fingers crossed this will get posted.

So long,