Ljubljana, Slovenia 4 May 2013

De-camped Milano early this afternoon.  A beautiful city with absolutely no mind for bugdet.  Every big fashion designer is represented or based here.  Top tier clothes and shoe shoppes, nothing has a price tag.  If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably cannot afford it.  Happy window shopping.

Our roving range of Land Rovers brought us to the airport, drove onto the tarmac and delivered us air-side to the stairs of the Legacy.  In little over an hour we landed in Ljubljana... pronounced: lyoob-lee-ah-nah.  A rain and hail storm preceded our landing by 10 minutes, but the sun broke through as we left the plane and departed for the venue.  The city is surrounded by snow capped mountains and very Swiss looking, at least what we saw of it on the 15 minute drive to the arena.

A handful of songs for soundcheck then dinner.  Get a load of this selection of entrees all whipped up with the greatest of ease by Chris, Georg and David... Grilled sea bass, real Brit fish-chips-mushy peas, steak and Guinness pie, several fresh salads, breads and desserts.  I think my goal is shifting from wanting to lose 10 lbs. over the course of these months to simply maintaining those 10 lbs.  How can you NOT eat this?  I wanted one of everything and opted for the least filling and caloric... the grilled sea bass, then shoved off after finishing lest I ordered the fish and chips as well. Too good.

It was the Arena Stozice tonight, a new arena we've not played before, and an enthusiastic crowd of 6,000.  Some difficult turns tonight for everyone with the in-ear monitors, making things on stage a little difficult at times but nothing bad enough to do any harm to the show, which despite the problems, everyone enjoyed.  

A runner back to the Legacy, air-side delivery.  An hour and fifteen minute, gin/tonic, Vienna schnitzel fueled flight that skirted a couple of thunderstorms before touching down softly in Prague.  We'll base here for the next few days.

So long,