Prague, Czech Republic 7 May 2013

Today we'll try a new way of writing these little notes given the debacle of a couple of days ago.  In that case it was not my usual ineptness with computers but the miserable internet here in the hotel that swallowed up two versions of that days notes.  If you're reading this then I will have succeeded in the cut/paste/up-load.  If not....

A day off in Prague on the 6th, got out for a few hours walking around this beautiful city which was teeming with tourist.  It's no wonder why given it's history and favourable exchange rate.  That combined with an inexpensive flight from the U.K. or any where else in Europe makes for an unbeatable holiday.  Still, I had to fight my way through streets crowded with people on vacation.  With no particular destination in mind I walked and walked and ended up in a little restaurant I'd stumbled into three years ago, Maestro, for a pizza and a large Pilsner-Urquell.  Made my way back through the crowded streets to the peace of this hotel.

Tuesday the 7th, coffee in the room, answer a handful of e-mails then down to the gym for the usual measure of humiliation.  We're in a wonderful hotel but the internet and the gym are not quite happening.... a couple of machines, a handful of free weights and a bench, much like Milan but at least there's a little air movement.  One of those machines is the dreaded all-in-one universal job.  These are to be avoided at all cost, they claim to do everything and really do nothing very well except posing a great risk of hurting the user.  They would have done well to spend that money on a few extra free weights... maybe something a little heavier than 10 kgs.

The show in Prague was at the O2 Arena with a capacity of 7,000+.  We arrived and piled into catering prior to our sound check for bowls of hot and sour soup that were remarkable.  The first taste that hit the senses was floral and I couldn't figure out what it was.  I asked David, one of our master chefs, and he said it was kafir lime leaves.  Fantastic.

Well fortified we had a sound check then back to catering for one of the most spectacular dinners yet, Asian night.  Large butterflied prawns breaded with coconut and garlic then fried, beef satay with ground cashew nuts, long thin egg rolls, chicken marinated in sake then dipped in a seasoned rice flour and fried, Shanghai noodles, sauteed Asian vegetables and more.  Most couldn't decide on any one thing and Georg suggested a mixed plate... a bit of it all.  And so it was.  I don't know how Chris, Georg and David do it day after day....full breakfast and lunch for the crew as well as these dinners.  It's true that an army travels on it's stomach and these three keep this army very well fed and happy.

Looking out tonight from the stage into the arena, I didn't see any empty seats so assume it was a sell out.  MK & Co. have hit that place in the tour that the shows are very relaxed and enjoyable, not complacent but very sure of itself.  It was probably the best show of the tour so far.

Back at the hotel by 10:30, Guy, Glenn and I capped off the night in the wonderfully inviting bar in our hotel.

So long,