Mid-Summer Days

Hi All,


This will be a short post but I did want to acknowledge an honour that was laid on me courtesy of The Country Music Hall of Fame.  On July 30th I was inducted into an ongoing series called Nashville Cats that honours the musicians who play on the records.  Bill Lloyd conceived this series 12 years ago and continues to research and host each one.  The musicians who have gone before me are my heroes, members of the original A-Team, onto the great ‘60s and ‘70s musicians.  After a dozen years, they are now acknowledging the players of the ‘80s.  In my case I go back to the late ‘60s in L.A. continuing on here In Nashville from the mid-‘80s.  I’m tremendously honoured and flattered to be included in this program and want to thank the Hall of Fame and especially Bill Lloyd who did such a brilliant job in researching my career and driving the interview.  If interested you can watch the 90-minute stream at the link below.


It’s been a great summer and I can’t believe it’s August already.  Things have been slow work-wise which I’ve enjoyed as it’s given me time to write and the luxury of dabbling around with a new album for myself.  The Weber kettle’s been getting a good workout these last few months and I’ve been doing some cooking indoor as well.  I’ll be tackling a Pork Ragu al Maialino tomorrow evening courtesy of Sam Sifton found online at cooking.nytimes.com   


Hope everyone’s have a good summertime.  Stay hydrated, stay happy.