Summer Edition

Hello all,


I am always punctual about posting up new notes while on tour and so lax when at home… from daily to seasonal.  Well, here it is, the Summer ’16 edition


It’s been a beautiful Nashville Spring… plenty of rain but also lots of sunshine.  The trees are in full leaf and so am I.  Loads of time outdoors and that Weber grill is in heavy rotation.  We bought it in 1976 and the thing just keeps on ticking.  I have noticed some rusting around the leg joints and that may well be the beginning of the end.  Still…40 years?  What can you get now that will last that long?  Definitely not a Weber.  We bought a second one about 15 years ago to accommodate a dinner we threw and that b.b.q. weighed about half of our old one.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.  Anyway, here’s to a few more years on our old Weber kettle.  They’re the best.


Work’s been quiet this year though I’m not complaining.  A few sessions, notably for Rodney Crowell’s new album.  Instead I’ve been writing and recording a new album for myself, have a few things to show for it and will keep chipping away until it is finished.


We spent a little time up in Indianapolis helping our daughter and her family relocate from Knoxville.  They’ve moved to a northern part of the city near Butler University, a fantastic area with loads of cool bar and grills, boutiques, art happenings, theatres, etc. all within walking distance.  George Clinton and the Parliment/Funkadelics played a small theatre three blocks from their house the other night.  Looking forward to getting reacquainted with my mid-western roots again.  Though not from Indiana, I was born and raised in Chicago until we headed west in 1960 and you can take the boy out of the prairie but you can’t take the prairie out of the boy.  I can say the same thing about my time out west.  


The album I played on with Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle last December is due for release on June 10th.  I’ve heard several mixes and it’s even better than I remember.  Appropriately titled, Colvin and Earle… I’m looking forward to hearing the whole thing.


All’s well on this end and as we head into the Memorial Day weekend and I hope the same goes for you.  Here’s to summer.