We’re well into autumn by a couple of months and I’m long overdue to write a few words.  


Here in Nashville, apart from the leaves on the ground, you’d be hard pressed to think it’s anything but summer…bright and sunny with temps in the 80s and no rain for ages, it’s dry as a bone.  While I do enjoy these hot autumn days, there’s no doubt the cause behind it.  I’m afraid America has recklessly chosen a new leader who believes climate change is a hoax… not to mention everything else this guy stands for.  It was an historic election and not in a good way.  It goes well beyond whether my team won or lost, this impacts us all.  Buckle up.


We spent a great couple of weeks holiday in September on a small island on the Gulf of Mexico, sunshine, swimming, reading and cooking.  Our son married his girlfriend there on the beach as well, a picture perfect sunset ceremony with the waves lapping the shore followed by a great dinner.  It’s always hard coming back to reality after those endless summer days.


I’ve been writing and recording, stockpiling tunes for a new album and I am pleased to say I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though still have a few more things I want to record.


I’ll be heading to Austin, Texas in a couple of weeks to produce a new album for my friend Steve Earle.  We go back to the early 80s when I was still living in Los Angeles and flew to Nashville to play on a few sides for him.  A couple of years later I was involved producing his breakthrough album Guitar Town and it’s follow-up Exit 0.  I’ve worked with Steve on and off after that producing an album called I Feel Alright and playing on the current duet record he did with Shawn Colvin.  I’m looking forward to getting in the studio with him, his band, a great collection of new songs…. and, it’s Austin so there’ll be some serious Mexican food involved.


It looks like I’ll also be making a new album for the wonderful singer-songwriter Kim Richey sometime next year.  I produced Kim’s first album on Mercury Records some 22 years ago and we’ve been talking about making another one together ever since.  I’ve always enjoyed Kim’s music and it will be a good way to kick off 2017.


Bo Ramsey has released an album of guitar instrumentals called Wildwood Calling.  It’s been out for a couple of months and is seldom far from my CD player.  It’s dripping with atmosphere, soul and is the slinkiest thing I’ve heard in ages.  Wildwood Calling is available through CD Baby where you can hear samples of all the cuts before you buy the record.  Highly recommended. 


Next week is Thanksgiving here in the States.  A day when family and friends come together over the traditional dinner of roast turkey and reflect on how fortunate we are.  We’ll be doing the same although this year we’re trading the turkey for homemade tamales.  So much for tradition however we won’t forget how much we have to be thankful for.


Then, Christmas.  Stay tuned.





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