Sacramento, CA 20 Oct.2012

Another very foggy morning in San Francisco, like waking in a cloud.  Coffee and pack.  We decamp S.F. early this afternoon and in the 5 nights there I'd managed to get the entire contents of my bag strewn everywhere.  I don't know how all this stuff migrates to various parts of the hotel room but they have and must now be corralled, folded and repacked.  

It was a 90 minute drive north to Sacramento for tonight's show at the Power Balance Pavilion.  The usual headlong dash to catering for a late lunch which now substitutes dinner.  A large plateful of greens and tuna salad and half a sandwich backed up with a tall, strong latte.  Sound check, change, gig. Some of the boys complaining about the sound tonight but it didn't seem to affect the show in any way with a standing ovation audience at the end of our set.

We left smartly after the show for a 50 minute flight down to Los Angeles.  The Embraer Legacy 600 crew and Dianne there to welcome us aboard... drinks waiting, pasta and salad for the meal.  It's always good coming back to Los Angeles, a city I lived in for nearly 2 decades.  Tomorrow's a day-off and it will be a trip to the gym, a walk down to the nearest Peet's Coffee for a large one and dinner somewhere.

I've had a few folks asking about the on-line guitar lessons I'd mentioned.  Here are links to a couple of guys I really like.  Justin Sandercoe, as you'll see from his website has so many lessons available for the beginners right on through to very advanced players.  All styles covered.  The link I've listed is simply the first one I watched.  He's very good and explains things so clearly.  The second link is to a series of lessons from Tom Hynes, also great, usable information, incredibly clear and friendly approach.  I like both these guys very much.
Tom Hynes
Justin Sandercoe 

So long,