Berkeley, Calif. 19 Oct. 2012

Slept until 10, opened the curtains and couldn't see down to the street for the fog.  No gym, just a pot of coffee to the room and a day of puttering.  More on-line guitar stuff.  Amazing how much great stuff there is out there.  In the next few days I'll post links to what I've been watching.

Bus call at 3:30 this afternoon and a ride across the bay to Berkeley and one of our all-time fave venues, The Greek. We've played here so many times that is it old home to us.  The weather turned this morning as mentioned above, no longer 80 degrees but more like 70s, overcast and foggy.  Arrived and piled in to catering for late lunch/dinner.  It's is the way ahead, eat loads of salad and entree before sound check and have enough time to work some of it off before getting on stage.

Tonight's show might well have been the most relaxed so far and the most enjoyable.  The audience at The Greek seemed to confirm this.  We were off by 8:40 with tacos and burritos waiting in the dressing room not to mention our Martin Miller gin, cocktail shaker, ice, olives and.... real martini glasses.  I shook a couple up for Guy and I and we basked in what a great evening it was.  We hung out tonight for a little bit and went out to see the first half of Bob's set.  Bob in good voice tonight and the band in great form.

We piled in the bus and were back in San Francisco by 10.  Mike and I walked 'round the corner for a pint at an Irish pub then back to the hotel.  Tomorrow we de-camp, play a show in Sacramento then fly on to Santa Monica where we'll base for the next week.

So long,