Santa Barbara, CA. 22 Oct. 2012

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day off in Santa Monica.  A turn in the gym followed by a stop at Cha-Cha Chicken right on the corner, a Caribbean/Cuban/inddoor/outdoor kind of place.  Fast food that wasn't quickly prepared.  A corner full of contradictions, but the important part being it is massively delicious. I had a half Cuban pressed sandwich of chicken, cheese, pickles, mustard and mayo.  From there it was a dash to Peet's Coffee for a tall, double extra shot latte and a slice of banana bread.... all before 1 in the afternoon.  

I walked it all off along the beach for a while then headed back to the hotel.  Later in the evening, met up with an old pal who I've known since the late 60s for a a couple of drinks and a vegetarian Indian dinner on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Delicious.

Today was a gig day and I woke far too early, read for a while then dropped back off to sleep 'til 9 this morning. Dragged myself out to Peet's for another tall one with a couple extra shots of the good stuff. Walked along the beach on the way back to the hotel and got ready to leave for an early bus call and drive north to Santa Barbara.

Tonight's show was the Santa Barbara Bowl, an outdoor amphitheatre we've played before when we did the tour with Emmylou Harris.  A beautiful setting in a beautiful town.  It was an early show, no doubt due to a noise curfew in S.B. Our part of the show began at 6:30!!  It was still light and a great gig, everyone bundled up a little tighter than normal as it was breezy and cool.  A good show for all, a couple of drinks backstage then onto the buses for the 90 miles or so back to Los Angeles.  Our hero St. Peter Mackay arranged Mexican dinner for our trip back to LA.  Chicken and steak chimichangas, green chili enchiladas, rice, beans, guacamole and various salsas.  It could not have been better including DJ Fletch starting things off with Tony Bennett's The Good Life.  We arrived back at our hotel at the early hour of 10:15.  Unheard of, but there you have it.

Another grand day off tomorrow.  Gym and ??????  Hope it is warm and sunny.

So long,