Chicago, Illinois 9 Nov. 2012

You may recall me writing about our visit with Pieta Brown a few days ago in Madison, Wisconsin.  Both Glenn Worf and I played on Pieta's latest album, Mercury.  Pieta just sent a belated review of the record and I thought you might be interested in seeing it as her and Bo were such a big part of our U.S. tour in 2010.

Up and out by 10 this morning, it was a beautiful sunny and mild day here in Chicago this morning.  Stopped for coffee and did a little shopping too, then back for a bit of practise.  Working up a couple of new tunes that I'll record when this tour is finished and that will complete a new album that I hope to have out this spring.

Our good friend Paul Kennerley is here from Nashville and it's always a joy seeing Paul.  He's a great songwriter, musician and pal.  We all piled into catering on arriving at the United Center and ate like there was no tomorrow.  The show was grand as was tonight's audience.  Paul K. couldn't stop enthusing about all of it.

A quick bus ride back to our hotel and we have the next two days off.

So long,