Grand Rapids, Michigan 12 Nov. 2012

A gig tonight in Grand Rapids coming off two consecutive days off in Chicago.  Meals ranged from Chicago hot dogs to one of the best steaks I've ever had at The Capital Grill.  A walk down to the lake, some shopping, a trip to the Jazz Mart Record shop and more than a few gin and tonics.  All tempered with plenty of rest and down time at the hotel.  I also had breakfast with the son and grandsons of my old friend Seymour Drugan from back in the old L.A. days.  I've owned one of Seymour's guitars since his death in 1969.  It was great to visit with them and hear some stories about Seymour who originally hailed from Chicago and was a staff guitar player here on WGN Radio back in the 1940's.

Today, Monday, we were two hours late getting off for our flight to Grand Rapids due to navigational system problems on the plane. By the time we arrived in Grand Rapids plus an hour lost due to time zones, we pulled up at the Van Andel Arena at 6:30, the time the doors normally open.  Doors were held for ten minutes while we got on stage directly from the bus and blasted through one song.  From then on it was a head long dash to taking the stage and in less than an hour we were being introduced.  It was one of the most fun shows of the tour, can't explain why, just was.  Fantastic audience.

Mark played three tunes with Bob then we piled back on the bus for the flight back to Chicago.  Boxes of Popeye's Fried Chicken awaited us and we tucked in, demolishing it all before arriving at the airport. Dianne and the Legacy were waiting as was perfectly made gin and tonics for Guy and I.  A short flight back to our digs in Chicago. Tomorrow we de-camp and move on, playing Detroit tomorrow night then flying to Toronto after the gig.  It's been a great five days in the Windy City, unseasonably warm until today.  In the 70s, plummeting to the mid-20s overnight.

So long,