Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8 Nov 2012

Managed a few hours sleep.  There is the sound of water running through pipes in the walls of this old hotel.  It was there when I walked into the room at 4:30 this morning and continues non-stop.  My back's still rough and the weather's grey.  Decision made; no gym, no walk, nada.  Feet up, book or guitar in hand until it's time to leave for the gig.

A very small dressing room for all eight of us tonight, the best thing about it is it's right next to catering. Arrived starving as usual and devoured a large bowl of Greek Wedding Soup with lamb meatballs that was delicious, chicken souvlaki, orzo and salad.  Cup of tea, ibuprofen and things were looking up.  Sound check and show.  Great Milwaukee audience... thank you.

On to the buses for a short 90 mile drive to Chicago.  Some very kind friends of Glenn Worf's supplied us with cases of Leinenkugel Original Beer and a variety of Wisconsin sausages and cheese that fueled the ride.  Arrived Chicago and had a night cap with Guy and Ian.  Bed.

So long,