Pesaro, Italy

A late sleep-in then coffee and gym. Spent an hour or so with a guitar in hand before departing Rome for Pesaro. Tonight's show was held at the Adriatic Arena. As with all the Italian and Spanish dates, the shows begin at least an hour later than elsewhere and tonight's was postponed beyond that, not taking the stage until 9:30 or later. With no Meet and Greet tonight, that meant loads of time hanging around a dingy, warm, airless dressing room that only added to the general sense of exhaustion and band members stretched out on couches either sleeping or playing guitars. Still, come show time we were up and ready to play for a great audience of nearly 8,000 and the consistency of the shows never fails to amaze me.

A runner back to Rome arriving at 1:30. One of those nights that we couldn't muster the energy to drink a cup of tea. Everyone called it a night.

So long,