Rome, Italy

A quiet day spent in and alone. As the European leg of the tour enters the homestretch we're all feeling the effects of the many shows, miles and very late nights. The later than usual lobby call was well appreciated today as we don't have to fly and the gig didn't start until 9:00.

Tonight we returned to PalaLottomatica arena to a crowd of very enthusiastic Roman fans, 6,874 of them to be exact. We've been looking forward to the Italian audiences and shows as they're passionate and loud and we were not disappointed. It is great being back in Italy. Thanks Roma for a great gig.

After the show I met with my good friends Marco Caviglia and Letizia and Valerio Barbantini. I met them several years ago when they organised the Pensa Day Music Festival and kindly invited me to come and play. They were very good to my wife and I and we remain in touch as friends. It was with the Barbantini's and Caviglia's that I first went to Ristorante Lagana and have had the pleasure of dining there with them several times. And so it was again tonight, the door was kept open late and a table set for the four of us. Another spectacular spread, although smaller than last nights...a little pasta e pomodorro with crayfish and shrimp, prosciutto, focaccia, marinated fish...all of it remarkable. Followed up by fresh mixed berries and ice creme. How lucky can one guy be? Here's to Roma, friends and Lagana.

So long,