Codroipo, Italy

Another late morning. Dragged myself out of bed at noon, threw myself in the shower and ventured outside. I didn't get far as I ran in to Eike Jorne, one of our trusted drivers, and we decided to have a coffee in the restaurant facing the Piazza Del Popolo, just next to the hotel. Several coffees and a bowl of pasta later, it was time to get ready to leave for our gig in Codroipo.

Codroipo is about 300 miles north of Rome located in the north eastern part of the country. The show tonight was held on the vast and beautiful grounds of Villa Manin. Once the residence of Ludovica Manin, the last doge of the Venetian Republic and dating back to the 1700's. It is currently in use as an art museum. A wonderful setting for an outdoor show and while it has been raining quite steadily for three weeks, today the clouds parted and it was dry. 6,300 people filled the lawn and it was a comfortably cool evening show, getting underway at 9:30. There were a few sprinkles throughout the night but not enough to dampen everyone's enthusiasm. A splendid audience and a well played show.

A 40 minute drive to the Legacy after the show and an hour flight put us back in Roma around 1 in the morning. Not much of a party mood, everyone too tired, so it was a relatively early night.

So long,