Prague, Czech Republic

Sunday in Prague AND the Prague Marathon! Loads of folks in the streets of this beautiful city and I never got out in it. Opted for a couple of hours in the gym then back to the room for some reading and practising. I will get out tomorrow if for nothing else than a coffee and lunch at one of the cafes that line the streets.

Our call today was delayed by an hour and a half. The trucks and crew were a couple of hours late in arriving due to a traffic accident that blocked all traffic. When we arrived at 5:30 the lights were still being focused and instruments being checked to see that they were all going down their proper lines. Everything was set back by two hours with the exception of the show somehow. A miracle! The Hala Sportovni is a shallow venue as far as the depth with a low ceiling but the venue sounded fantastic and the show was tremendous if I do say so myself. Another exceptional audience. The tour has been so well received and we all are aware of it. Loads of love coming from over 7,000 people tonight. Hat off to Prague.

A runner back to the hotel and a couple drinks and the usual brilliant music in Guy"s pad. We got on a serious Junior Parker and his Blue Flames jag, Sun Records era.

So long,