Oberhausen, Germany

Behaved myself last night, no gin and tonics, straight to the room and in bed with my guitar. I've got a new little tune I've been chasing down that I'm very pleased with but not quite finished and woke this morning with the guitar slung across my chest. I ordered room service and continued playing. I've got it sorted now and will put it on the pile of new things already completed. I'll get round to doing some recording later this autumn and begin a new album.

We checked out of our fab Frankfurt hotel and flew to Oberhausen for tonight's gig. Acturally, we flew to Koln (Cologne) and drove 60 minutes to Oberhausen. With the way the tour is set up, we don't stay or get to see much of many of the cities and towns we play, simply fly in, do the show and fly out. The best part of it all is the show which we always look forward to, can't wait to get on stage and play and tonight was no exception at the Konig-Pilsener Arena for 9,000 plus wonderful fans. It was a grand show, at times a fly by the seat of our pants show, a few missed cues and interesting chord changes but loads of fun and more than a few smiles on stage. The audience was with us all the way and rewarded us with a full standing house for the encores.

The usual runner back to Koln and the Legacy where Alex our hostess had a cocktail shaker, ice, Plymouth Gin, exceptionally dry vermouth, olives and a steaming paella waiting. Before we knew what hit us we were in Prague where we will base for the next few days and play here tomorrow night. What a tour!

So long,