Budapest, Hungary

When we arrived in the lobby this afternoon to depart for the airport, there were throngs of fans and tabloid types all crowded round the driveway entrance. Turns out Kylie Minogue is playing in Prague tonight and was leaving the hotel just as we were getting in our own vehicles. She very assuredly and graciously walked up the drive to sign autographs and greet the people. My hat's off to her.

After that bit of excitement we made our way to the airport and a short flight in to Budapest for a standing gig of 7000+ at the Arena tonight. A wonderful audience except for several folks who insisted on using their video cameras throughout the show, something that is now discouraged as it is disruptive to other fans and very distracting to us all on stage. Apart from that we all loved the gig and the great folks who came out for the show.

So long,