Hannover, Germany

A day off yesterday in Frankfurt was spent in a couple of record stores, a sauerbraten lunch at a bier garden and a fabulous Italian dinner courtesy of our German promoter Marek Lieberberg. Many cocktails, much food and wine. As an antidote this morning, I dragged myself off to the gym followed by an hour luxuriating in the sun. While laying there I began to feel my left forearm tightening, apparently I'd pulled something while working out. Went back to the room, picked up my guitar and realised the fingers of my left hand weren't working so well. Definitely a concern, but after a couple of ibuprofen the swelling began to ease and the hand began to come back. Whew.

It was a mid-afternoon flight to Hannover for tonight's sold out show at the TUI Arena. We've been spoiled by the great German audiences this past week and Hannover did not disappoint us. I've played Germany many times with MK but must say that the audiences for this tour have been the best ever.

A runner to the Legacy and back to Frankfurt for our last night in the hotel that everybody loves. After six nights I'll have a lot of packing to do tomorrow morning as I've managed to get the contents of my bags strewn everywhere. We'll fly to Oberhaussen for a show tomorrow.

So long,