Lisbon, Portugal

We're only one week into the tour, but already have a serious contender for best gym. The hotel we're in is a grand old Ritz that had seen better days when were here in 2005 but has been freshened up a bit since then including the installation of a large rooftop gym and outdoor track overlooking this beautiful city and the ocean. The most up to date equipment in a sleek atmosphere with the sun streaming in the 360 degree picture window walls. A winner. From the treadmill to my veranda and a couple of hours reading in the sun then onto the gig.

Tonight's venue was Campo Pequeno, a beautiful Moorish style bullring built in 1892 with four small cupolas atop it's four towers. After being closed many years for renovation the building reopened in 2006 with a retractable ceiling and shopping mall, restaurants and cinemas. Once inside, it was a series of warrens, cubby-holes and stairs, one wrong turn and you're lost and I'm very prone to taking the wrong turn. Shows begin later in Spain and Portugal and we took the stage at 9:30. It was a sold out, capacity crowd with the large arena floor standing and high, steep seating all round. Yet another thunderous passionate audience and the show was really ace tonight, everybody playing well and enjoying themselves on stage.

Back to the hotel for an after show, full band attendance gathering hosted by Lieutenant of Luxury, Guy Fletcher. Guy always has his fab sound system with him, a seemingly endless supply of great music, libations, ice and mixers along with a kettle, teapot, cups and tea for a night-cap. That's luxury.

So long,