Granada, Spain

Another tour first, FOUR cities, two flights, one show! We checked out of Lisbon this afternoon, flew to Granada for the gig, from the gig drove to Malaga airport then flew in to Paris. Somewhere in the middle of that run on sentence, you'll notice we did a amazing gig at the Coliseo Atarfe. The venue sits in the foothills of Granada and is a modern bull ring with retractable ceiling. The weather in Granada was sunny and warm and we arrived at the venue at 6:00 not expecting to do a sound check, but things were running slower than expected and the last truck had only just got there as we did! For those familiar with these journals will remember, we hold our crew in the highest of esteem, without them there is no show. They are selfless, tireless and a great bunch of people. What we usually do not see is the actual set up of the stage, rigging of lights and testing of equipment, that is usually completed when we arrive at the venues. All of us watched this amazing crew get the entire show ready to go in a very short amount of time. My hat is off to every single one of those guys, now more than ever. Go to Guy's tour diaries for photos,

We began the show at 10:00 (don't forget it's Spain and everything starts late). As always with the bull rings, the arena's dirt floor was standing and seating all round the inside wall of the ring. I believe I heard a figure in excess of 8 or 9 thousand fans came out to see us and show their appreciation. It was an amazing audience and gig and I can honestly say I've not heard a louder crowd ever. Even with the in-ears which tends to block out exterior sound while delivering what we are playing on stage, it was painful in the best possible way. We're really hitting our stride now and very relaxed but still right on top of every tune. We won't soon forget Granada.

Although we landed in Granada several hours earlier, the plane was moved to the airport in Malaga about an hour away for what I assume was take off restrictions after midnight in Granada. So it was off to Malaga by car arriving at the Legacy to be greeted by our hostess Alex. A few drinks, loads of laughs and we'd arrived in Paris where we were met by our travelling team of drivers and whisked away to our hotel on the Champs Elysees, arriving there at 5 in the morning. Sleep.

So long,