Madrid, Spain

Today will be our first official 3-2-1, three cities and two flights in one day. It sounds tough but it's not at all, due in large part to the private jet and the tireless combo of Pete, Tim and Paul who manage to keep this mob moving in the same direction.

We checked out of our well loved hotel in Barcelona this afternoon jetting off on the Embrear Legacy to Madrid for a sold to capacity show in the Palacio de Portes. Another enthusiastic, thunderous Spanish audience of 10,000 plus. If a crowd like that doesn't make you feel very good on stage then you're in the wrong business pal and we appreciate them as much as they do us.

Off after the last song directly into the cars and back aboard the Legacy. A couple of laughs, drinks, dinner and before you knew it we'd landed in Lisbon where we gained 1 hour and arrived at the hotel just like that, none the worse for wear.

So long,