Barcelona, Spain

A warm and breezy day off yesterday on the beach capped by a great dinner at 7 Portes Restaurant, serving spectacular Catalan cuisine for over 170 years in Barcelona. Platters of fresh seafood, spinach fritters, pan tomate (bread rubbed with fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil), beans in olive oil and mint, sausages and more arrived at our table for starters with bottles of inky red Spanish wine that was soft and delicious. That followed by a perfect paella with shellfish, chicken and sausage. Check their website, If you ever find yourself in Barcelona have a meal there, you won't be disappointed.

The show tonight was the Palau Sant Jordi arena built for the Barcelona Olympics and a crowd of 10,000 plus great fans. The acoustics were very echoey and even with the new in-ear monitors it was challenging to keep together at times but I think it was a good night and you can't go wrong with a Spanish audience cheering you on.

So long,