Paris, France...9 June,2010

Gray and raining in Paris this morning. I took my guitar out of it's case and spent most of the morning finishing a song I've been working on, drinking coffee and putting off going to the gym. I'd convinced myself that I would blow it off and do it tomorrow but by the early afternoon I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, dragged in there and took a good pummeling. Back to the room, finished what was left of my breakfast, got a shower and off to the gig.

It was our largest audience so far, 11,400+. Like every audience of the tour, Paris gave us a grand reception and response throughout and due to the sheer numbers it was a deafening one. The venue was Bercy, we've played there before, but won't soon forget our show here tonight.

A runner back to the hotel and like the night before, several of us ended up in a little Irish pup just round the corner. The Guinness is fresh and more than a few pints were hoisted followed by some music and wine with John McCusker and his fiancee Heidi Talbot in Mike McGoldrick's room.

A welcomed day off tomorrow in Paris. A sidewalk cafe is in my future.

So long,