Middlefart, Denmark...11 June, 2010

Yesterday was day off which I spent in sidewalk cafes and walking the streets of Paris.  This is a city that certainly has no identity crisis.  It knows exactly what it is and lives up to it's reputation of great restaurants, high fashion, high prices, a haughty arrogance and romance.  We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant named Chez Andre then walked it off for 40 minutes on the way back to our hotel.

Paris has come and gone. Checked out of our gold plated hotel at 2 for an hour and a half flight to Denmark. En route was wonderful platters of meats, pate, quail eggs and French cheeses.

Tonight's gig was an outdoor festival and we arrived to find it had been raining, windy and cold for the last two days. It was a sea of mud below and dark clouds above. We all piled into a small portable trailer/dressing rooms and hunkered down until show time. The site was also on a lake which didn't help the wind and chill factor. We all bundled up in whatever warm gear we had ranging from layers of t-shirts and wind breakers to suit jackets and out we went.

There was a sea of fans standing for as far as the eye could see and heaven only knows how long they'd been standing in the cold and rain. Mercifully, the rain stopped for most of the show picking up again the last 20 minutes. That audience couldn't have been better and we put on a good show for them. Toward the end it was so cold that I couldn't feel my fingers.

My hat's off not only to the audience, but to our crew and caterers who suffered the elements and mud in makeshift tents, stages and office trailers. I've said in these notes before that they are the true heroes of this story and days like today only deepens that truth.

A runner to Oslo where we will base for the next few days.

Exhausted. Bed.

So long,