Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg...8 June, 2010

This posting is a little late not due to laziness but being unable to get on the internet in the hotel 'til now.

We checked out of our very comfy digs in Frankfurt, picked up the Legacy for a short flight to Luxembourg. I probably wrote about this venue and surrounding area last time, but it is as close to a Mad Max movie set as you'll ever see. Once an area of industrial steel mills, it has been abandoned for what look like decades and now stands in dark decay. A perfect place for a goth band vid shoot. In the midst of it a concrete structure was built for shows. Little more than a giant square space where they cram in as many people shoulder to shoulder as possible. It's dank, dark, airless, bleak and called Rockhal, Centre de Musicques. It's a place that has signs posted all around forbidding stage diving. The dressing rooms reeked of garlic and raw sewage, but we had a great gig and the 7 or 8 thousand (who knows?) fans were mighty.

A runner onto Paris where we spent the night and will play tonight.

So long,