Helsingborg, Sweden...12 June, 2010

Our second outdoor gig in a row tonight in Helsingborg located in southern Sweden just across the strait from Denmark.  No telling how many people braved the cold, rain and wind...certainly in excess of 7,000 and all hearty souls to stand on line then shoulder to shoulder through our two hour show.  Once again our crew gets the highest marks for working outside all day long then breaking it down and loading out after we'd left.  They were all looking raw but as always still managed a good word and smiles.  They get top points in my book.

After last night's cold, windy, wet show, we took the stage tonight in various states of dress to stay warm.  Basically, whatever we had with us or in the wardrobe trunks put on in as many layers as possible.  This made for some interesting get ups but nobody seemed to mind and it was a well played and well received show.

A runner back to Oslo where John, Mike and I went to an Irish pub to see some mates of Mike's play a set and hoist a couple of pints.  It was 3:30 in the morning when we walked back to our hotel and the sky was already light having only been dark for a couple hours.

So long,