Oslo, Norway...13 June, 2010

I slept in 'til nearly 11 this morning then spent a good part of the day playing guitar and listening to what has become my new favourite album and band, The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow.  They're from Manchester and this record is so musical and rewarding on every level.  From the songwriting, playing, sound and production to the use stings and brass...it is worth seeking out.  A record so rich you are constantly discovering new things with every listen.

We played the Norwegian Wood Festival here in Oslo tonight.  The weather threatened all day...cloudy, cool, rainy etc. but the sun broke through as we left the hotel only to cloud up and give one more down pour before the clouds moved out and we played.  Our normal catering boys didn't have a facility to work in today at the outdoor venue so it was local catering tonight...a barbecue!  It really couldn't have been better, hamburgers and ribs and they guy cooking them knew what he was doing.  We all gorged ourselves at dinner then again after the show when more freshly cooked meat arrived in our dressing room along with platters of salmon, cheeses, breads and spreads.  A serious meat night.

8,000+ wonderful fans crowded the park for the show and they were such a great audience, very musical.  You can watch people pointing things out as something cool is happening and you know they're really into it.  It was grand playing to people like that and an honour to do so.

As mentioned above, we didn't run back to the hotel but hung out backstage for an hour or so after the show enjoying the food, wine and camaraderie.

We decamp Oslo tomorrow.

So long,