Los Angeles, California.

The Universal Amphitheatre, much like Comiskey Park, no longer retains it's original identity and has become Gibson Amphitheatre. For enough money I suppose I'd be willing to change my name as well. Any bidders. I'd attended shows here over the years I lived in Los Angeles our house was less than a mile away. Before the theatre was enclosed it truly was an open air amphitheatre and in the summer evenings the music came floating across the hill into our Lake Hollywood home. I recall Emmylou's voice wafting in on more than one occasion. It was, however, the first time I have played in this venue, a wonderful sounding theatre from our vantage point and after talking with friends, the audience's as well. Tonight's show was filmed for possible release as a DVD (POSSIBLE being the operative word, don't e-mail me) including our Hawaiian meet, greet and beat group, The Kamanawanalei'a Boys. Our dear pal and collaborative keyboard player Jim Cox came by for a visit and sat in with the K. Boys on uke making for a snappy little Hawaiian set. I'm glad it's finally been documented.

The show was polished, fun and relaxed for a capacity 5,520 crowd of vocal Los Angelenos. Many old friends dropping by both before and after the show including our pal and brilliant guitarist, Albert Lee.

Tomorrow we play in Santa Barbara followed by our final show in Berkeley. It's hard to believe we're nearly wrapped. Stay tuned.

So long,