Santa Barbara, California

We decamped Los Angeles for a VERY short flight up the coast to Santa Barbara. About 125 miles north of L.A., Santa Barbara is a seriously well heeled and beautiful coastal town with wonderful restaurants, resorts, balmy breezes, Spanish architecture and old California charm.

I last played the Santa Barbara Bowl way back in 1981 with my friend Rodney Crowell when we opened a show for Christopher Cross who, at the time, had a big hit record going. Standing out on the stage tonight it was much as I remembered it, a very friendly outdoor amphitheatre that seats about 4,000 tucked into the hills surrounded by the eucalyptus and pine trees.

Tonight's show certainly appeared to be sold out as I didn't see an empty seat in the house and was our penultimate show. Without a trace of ego, I have to say we are getting really good at playing this show with Emmy and wish it could go on well into the summer. It's been a wonderful tour of camaraderie, music, travel, food, great shows, fabulous audiences and loads of laughs, but tomorrow is the end and we fold up the tents. Having accumulated about a dozen stage shirts in the wardrobe trunk, I took all but a couple out to pack and bring home, a sure sign that we're just about done.

A runner for our last flight on the Gulfstream up to San Francisco where we'll spend the night and play the finale tomorrow at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.

So long,