Minneapolis, MN.

My children had an early flight back home so it was up at 6, had something to eat and they were on their way to catch the train to Midway Airport at 7. I thought I might get back to sleep when they left but instead went to the gym for a serious pummelling. Back to the room and scavenged whatever was left on the breakfast tray then went out for one last walk through downtown Chicago before packing up and decamping for tonight's show in Minneapolis. One correction in yesterday's Chicago notes. It of course is Comisky Park where the Sox play and not Kaminsky. As mentioned, it's no longer either but U.S. Cellular Field. Bring back Comisky Park.

Tonight's venue was the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in beautiful downtown Minneapolis. A wonderful old theatre from, well I'm not certain, but surely not newer than the 1920's. It has been restored to its original splendour and is as intimate as it is elegant. A capacity 2,600 Minnesotans made us feel welcome from the first song to the last. It was a sure footed and fun show, the sound was great and everything worked! A far cry from last night's gremlin plagued show. One of many highlights was If This Is Goodbye, the best it's ever been played.

A runner to the G-4 and a long flight to Los Angeles. I was good for exactly one g&t before the length of the day broad-sided me and I slept most of the way to the city of angels. We have a day off here tomorrow and will base from LA for the next few days. It's down to the final 3 shows of this very special tour, hard to believe it's gone so quickly and in less than a week it will all be a memory but one not soon forgotten.

So long,