Minneapolis, Minnesota 29 September, 2015

We’ve been basing this series of midwestern dates from Chicago.  What that typically means is we fly to the city we’re playing, arrive in time for a soundcheck before the doors open, grab whatever we can for dinner, change clothes and go on stage.  After the final song, cars are waiting to take us back to the airport and we return to the base city often before midnight.  This has many advantages like being able to unpack your bags and relax for a few days at a time.  It also has some draw backs like not having time to visit with friends or stay in some good cities…Kansas City and Minneapolis for example.  


So it was yesterday, arriving late to the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, a venue we’ve played many times since 2001.  It was another sold out capacity audience of 2,600+.  What a crowd of great people, they were on their feet for the first three songs then up and down all night… unusual for a theatre audience.  The people and the band feeding off each other, it was another terrific night of music.  For us on stage the two hours plus go by so quickly, it honestly feels like about 15 minutes.  This North American run has been nothing but a pleasure.


Some friends of Glenn Worf’s made a delivery last night of delicious aged cheddar and swiss cheese, summer and smoked sausages and a case of Original Leinenkugel beer.  The “original” is hard to come by these days having been supplanted by their various craft beers.  Still, the perfectly balanced, un-fussy, pedestrian Leinenkugel is by far the best.  On the plane ride back to Chicago we made a serious dent in those deli items and Leinees.  A hard combo to beat unless of course you add to that piping hot bowls of Shepherd’s Pie that Debby had for dinner.  The only complaint was the flight was just an hour otherwise we’d still be eating and drinking.  


Milwaukee is next.  I predict another case of Leinenkugel will make an appearance.


So long,




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