Kansas City, Mo. 28 September, 2015

Yesterday the 27th was a day off in Austin.  I spent a very low key day doing some writing, reading and took a long walk along the Colorado River.  At dusk I got out on the Congress Street Bridge along with a crush of others to watch the emergence of the bats.  A colony of 750,000 Mexican bats live on the underneath of the bridge and come out at sundown to begin the night’s feeding.  I waited for an hour along with the rest.  By 8 o’clock not a single bat had shown itself and I was starving.  At that point it was getting so dark you wouldn’t have seen them anyway.  Screw it… you’ve seen one bat you’ve seen ‘em all.  I hoofed it back to the hotel in time to catch up with Guy and Jim and the three of us went to La Condesa a nuvo-Tex-Mex restaurant.  The food was great and the tequila even better.  Margaritas with side shots of lovely smokey agave and a great deal of it was put away.  This morning Guy and I calculated we’d each had 9 shots of the stuff.  The fact that we were able to calculate this the morning after is either a testimony to the quality of the tequila or the fortitude of our systems.  A grand evening well spent.


We decamped Austin early this afternoon for a show tonight in Kansas City at The Midland Theatre.  Built in 1927 at a cost of 4 million dollars it is a beautiful theatre that hosts all kinds of shows.  It was another sold out night for us and a wonderful audience, very enthusiastic.  We’re really loving playing the shows here in the States, they’ve all been exceptional and tonight was no different.  Thanks Kansas City, Mo.


A runner for a flight to Chicago where we’ll base for the next several days.  Debby had platters of chicken wings and cold beer and with U.S. catering being what it is, the food on the plane has been our life line.  I’m looking forward to these next days here in Chicago and playing around the midwest.  Tomorrow is Minneapolis.


So long,




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