Salem, Germany 31 May, 2015

Saturday the 30th was a day off in Milan.  A top drawer gym in the hotel and I made it in for a full 90- minute measure of humiliation that was fuelled by 2 double espresso an hour earlier.


A beautiful day in Milan and I took to the streets after the gym.  It became clear that I must get some sunglasses and set out to do so.  I am certain there are department stores in areas of Milan but not where we’re staying… all designer stores and boutiques.  Here we go.  The first place I passed was the Armani store.  Sunglasses.  Cool sunglasses.  I walked in and tried a couple on and asked in my most disinterested voice how much.  Well over 100 Euro each.  I took them off very carefully and nonchalantly offered a grazie.  I walked the streets and shoppes of Milan for a couple of hours.  Plenty of sunglasses…. great ones…. 185, 245, 295. 350 Euros.  It became clear that the best price was at the Armani store.  I slunk back in there and against everything that’s in me bought a pair of goddamn Armani sunglasses for 130 Euro.  The guy in front of me at the cashier had a tally of of over 1,000 Euro.  Whatever the hell he bought fit in one small bag.  It’s that kind of place.  So there you have it, my head bowed but at least I’m able to face the daylight again.  Did I mention they are very cool shades?


Most of us gathered last night for a return to one of our favourite restaurants, Rovello 18.  In a city that can be over the top, Rovello is down to earth, no pretence, simply delicious well prepared food and good wine.  I had a starter of tagliatelli with ragu sauce and for the entree a small pressed and grilled chicken with the bones in.  It could not have tasted better and accompanied by local red and white wines.  Perfection.


We packed the bags and left Milan midday on Sunday and flew to Germany for our first outdoor show of this tour at the Salem Castle, once home to Prinz Wilhelm von Baden.  The setting was beautiful and the show was loose and relaxed… 7,200 attending.  


An hour and a half runner tonight as we drove to Zurich after the show, will spend the night and play there tomorrow.


So long,