Nice, France 29 May, 2015

This site has just been migrated to an updated server by my friend Isaac.  For the past several months the older platform decided it no longer wanted to be friends with my Mac.  Maybe it was the other way around, I dunno.  The result was a rogue icon that would appear after every punctuation mark or in between paragraphs requiring my friend to scour them out before it could be published.  In short a real pain in the ass.  Today is the first posting in many a-month that I’m back on my own and with great hope I’ll hit the ‘publish’ icon and no longer have to bother Isaac.


I’d forgotten about Italy and Spain and the iron curtains that block the sunlight from entering a room.  A perfectly designed piece of kit.  Not really iron, aluminium no doubt, the blinds when down comprehensively shut out every chink of light.  I’d hung a breakfast room service card out on the door knob the night before with a 9:30 delivery request before retiring.  I was woken by the bells of St. Mary in pitch darkness.  Fumbling around for the light switch and a robe I made my way to the door and an overflowing cart of espresso, fresh fruit, juice and bakery basket.  I thought it was still the middle of the night, that’s when I remembered how well those rolling blinds work.


An early afternoon drive to the Milan airport for a flight to our show in Nice tonight.  Before leaving the room I frantically searched every inch of my carry on and sport jacket to arrive at the sinking realisation that I’d left my sunglasses in the dressing room the night before.  In the process of that search I also learned I’d left the book I was in the middle of reading at the hotel in London.  This is what happens when someone approaching senior citizenship goes on tour.  It’s not a big deal but I will hold off buying another pair of shades until I leave Milan.  With the price of a drink at 30 Euro, sunglasses would set me back 100 bucks!  However, they’d be very cool shades.  Mmm… maybe.


An hour flight down to Nice and a short ride from the airport to the venue, Palais Nikaia.  With the shows beginning at 9 o’clock it makes for a long day at the gig… 5 hours before we actually get on stage.  The high point always being dinner.  Eggplant Parmesan, prosciutto wrapped roasted monkfish, green Thai chicken curry among tonight’s entrees, salads galore and board full of French cheeses.


Ruth and  band opened again tonight and at last it was time for us to hit the boards.  A full house of just under 6,000.  Lots of good playing tonight to a fantastic audience and we all came off feeling like it was a great gig.  A quick flight back to Italy with just enough time for a plate of poached salmon and a couple of glasses of cold white wine en route.  


Back in Milan it was nearly 2 in the morning when I hit the close button on my iron curtain and put my head down.  Saturday the 30th is a day off here and I may have to squint at some sunglasses.  In any case, wish me luck as I hit ‘publish’ on this rambling post.


So long,